Brexit and Entrepreneurship

Most of this trading volatility will be from hedges being closed out and uncertainty.

The UK is about to embark on some rough times, but it is England, the 5th largest economy in the world, and one of the oldest. They will be just fine.

However, a great great lesson to be learned. It was much of rural England’s low wage and undeserved geography that swayed the exit vote.  We must all strive for the proliferation of education globally. The world’s entrepreneurial tech community is charged with making that education easily accessible and relevant to today’s geo-challenges.

This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurship. A lot of capital will be spent trying to create digital commerce between the economic global leaders and the UK as well as Europe.

Britain is embarking on real change. The world will watch & learn (maybe) from their actions. Wait for opportunity, invest well & watch the rest of the globe.

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