Blocktales Podcast – live from Cryptoworld – listen to Christina Dolan

Christina Dolan, Co-Founder and US President of iXledger Technologies, talks with us about disrupting the insurance industry (#InsureTech) with Blockchain.

iXledger is a groundbreaking alternative marketplace for insurance. The peer-to-peer platform facilitates improved customer service, fuels new efficient business models, drives faster transactions and reduces risk through data access and collaboration.

The innovative use of blockchain to power new opportunities and create efficiencies includes cutting edge technology. The iXledger architecture utilises a cutting edge stack consisting of React, NodeJS, Ethereum Blockchain and OrientDB.

The inspiration for launching iXledger came through work with insurance company executives, who shared consistent requirements for the improvement of strategic processes through innovative technologies like blockchain.

In early 2017, iXledger was founded in London, UK, by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and technologists with experience in FinTech and InsurTech.

 The company’s primary focus is to streamline processes through an alternative marketplace where insurance companies can interact directly and more effectively to better serve customers and fuel the creation of new business opportunities.

Cognizant of the value Ethereum blockchain solutions offer, iXledger is embracing the Ethereum blockchain as it develops a full suite of products and services.

iXledger is based in London and New York, where it is building a strong team with a great organizational culture.

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