Cryptoworld: Wall Street and The Internet of Money

With such meteoric growth in bitcoin and the variety of cryptoassets available, people in the finance industry are getting bombarded with information and misinformation.

              Wall Street and The Internet Of Money
Where leading blockchain experts, funds, investment professionals, exchanges and regulators discuss crypto assets and their impact on financial markets.

Listen to Vladislav Shabanov,  speak with us about some of the conference highlights.

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This one-day conference in New York City on March 22, 2018 brings together knowledgeable industry leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with the new technology and its impact on investment management.

Just some of the Keynote Speakers:

Christina Dolan – MIT Lab, iXledger

Michael Casey  – CoinDesk Advisory Board, Author

Andrew Keys  – ConsenSys co-founder

Paul Vigna  – Wall Street Journal, Author

Michael Terpin – Transform Group, VC

Jack Tatar  – Doyle Capital, Author

Jan van Eck  – VanEck ETFs

Mike McGlone  – Bloomberg

David Schulz  CBOE

Topics on the Agenda:

  1. Blockchain (as a trustworthy interconnected, distributed ledger system)
  2. Regulating Blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  3. Is a cryptocurrency really a currency? (meet the criteria for sovereign currency?)
  4. Futures Trading of Bitcoin (exchanges, traders)
  5. Raising capital using cryptocurrency (ICO’s)
  6. Cryptocurrency Funds and ETFs
  7. Cryptoassets – Valuation (approaches / models)
  8. The Cryptocurrency Ecosystem
  9. Existential Risks (attack, regulations, capacity)
  10. Data (Ownership, research, standardized metrics)

The CryptoWorld team has spent many years working within the eco-system of retail and institutional investors, and partnering with the world’s leading academics and industry practitioners to provide leading edge educational solutions for practical implementation and commercial success.

With the meteoric rise in the use of blockchain technology and the resultant growth in crypto assets, investors are bombarded with information and misinformation about the asset class, the investment products, and a reliable approach to valuation. At the same time, funds, exchanges and regulators are grappling with the same issues as they seek to find protections and solutions for market participants around the world.




The team at CryptoWorld will address these issues and more in the inaugural “Wall Street and the Internet of Money” Conference in New York City on March 22, 2018. Our agenda features a world-class speaker faculty in an interactive format to promote dialogue and debate, and a stimulating learning environment for attendees. There is ample networking time devoted to meeting directly with the speaker faculty as well as the many industry participants that will be in attendance.




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