Innovation Journey to China: Michael Zhu, CEO & Founder of Lair East

Michael Zhu, CEO & Founder of Lair East, sits down with Tony Sklar to talk about their Innovation Journey to China, what China is learning from US Startups, and how corporate innovation is changing.

From Uber to Didi, from Amazon to Alibaba, and from Tencent to other tech startups: a decade ago, the tech scene in China was grim. But today, China presents a fascinating environment for startup founders or founder-wannabes. Its increasing innovation and fast-expanding mobile market, along with a growing pool of tech talents, are fueling many emerging, world-leading industries. So what does that mean for entrepreneurs and investors in the U.S. and beyond? How could one utilize the booming market between the U.S. and China? Why does it matter to you and your latest enterprise?

To discover answers to questions above, we initiated An Innovation Journey to China. Launched in January 2018, it is a half-year program consisting of three exciting projects: Panel2Cross, Pitch2China, Start2China, building on Lair East’s goal to empower cross-border entrepreneurship between China and the United States and connect the best up and coming startups around the U.S. to the finest and most respected members of the startup and technology communities in China.

Start2China – Accelerate Your Startup in China

Start2China is a 12-day hyper-acceleration trip to 4+ cities in China, giving startup teams the chance to meet investors, government officials, and executives from leading companies. You can get involved with our unique program – whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, researcher, innovation leader, or professional looking to learn more.

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