NAB Update: FCC Chair, Ajit Pai industry address

Jeff Owens, Sr. Technology Reporter

The NAB Crystal Awards was opened kicked off by none-other than FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai. Considering that Ajit backed out of CES this was a clear indication of the strong ties that the broadcast media industry has with Ajit and the reciprocity of warmth that is shared by broadcast leaders.

Ajit highlighted the work that the FCC has done to smooth the transition to new channels for broadcasters after the recent auction to improve wireless capabilities. In addition to U.S. Government funding being made available to defray the costs associated with channel moves, Ajit highlighted the work done to streamline outdated rules that did not bear in mind the digital channels that the media is now also delivered in.  Repealing the 42 year old rule blocking broadcast media mergers may be more controversial than how it was presented but there is truth to the fact that the media landscape is quite different than it was in the 70’s. Another point of emphasis by Ajit Pai was that the FCC has been cracking down hard on pirate radio operators.

The full key note can be viewed here:

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In #Las Vegas, this very minute, the 2018 #National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show is concentrating its influence on more than 100,000 participants with its M.E.T. EFFECT.

This large conference, which continues through April 12, is a crossroads of media, entertainment, and technology.

Jeff Owens, Sr. Technology Reporter

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