Pinball Overload: It’s a NAB Wrap

Heading back to SF after a head spinning few days of in the desert has not been a shortage of drama.  It could make you feel like you are in a pinball machine though that could be due to one super fun party at the Pinball Hall of Fame sponsored by MAXON.

The same day that the FCC Chair, Ajit Pai, presented his keynote speech at the NAB Crystal Awards the young boy wonder Mark Zuckerberg was testifying before congress with a mea culpa to avoid European style regulation and to top it off, House Speaker Paul Ryan resigned.  The beltway has a high speed exit off into Vegas these last few days.

The wild ride of NAB has some noteworthy trends that will be working into consumer products in the not too distant future. 8k video is all the rage and though we are barely along the migration to 4k it is already creeping into the rear view mirror.

Drones are going to be everywhere. Air, land and sea…in 8K 3D integrated with mobile production studio capabilities for on the fly editing and monitoring.

The selfie stick is going the way of the white rhino.  Smart handheld gimbals that can wirelessly charge your phone will lead the next generation of teens who opt for personal action videos over a flat 2d image.

It’s all about the Meta; Metadata and super search.  The Hoover Dam of personal privacy has been reduced to rubble and there is no rebuilding… just ask zuck.

Read more from Jeff Owens, Sr. Technology Reporter at Far From TV who is on the floor at the NAB 2018 show in Las Vegas; here.

In #LasVegas, this very minute, the 2018 National Association of Broadcasters (#NABShow2018) Show is concentrating its influence on more than 100,000 participants with its M.E.T. EFFECT.

This large conference, which continues through April 12, is a crossroads of media, entertainment, and technology.

Jeff Owens, Sr. Technology Reporter

Check-in with Far From TV for more highlights and updates from the floor of NAB 2018.

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