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JunkGrab_logo“We have been pretty amazed by the interest in a new company we have launched called JUNKGRAB – Your Own Personal Junk Man!” – wrote Bob Bilbruck CEO of B2 Group & Angel Investor- 18 posts

The concept of JUNKGRAB is a Crowd Sourced, Peer to Peer business model app and platform that helps it make it easy for consumers to easily schedule to get rid of junk around their house.

We have all had that extra table or couch that we need to get rid of but do not have a vehicle to haul it to the dump.  Well there is an app for that now by the name JUNKGRAB.  It’s as easy as going on the app, scheduling a pick up of the junk you need removed.  One of the JUNGRAB contractors bid on the job through the app, and they come pick up your junk within 2 hours and at less cost then you hauling it yourself or scheduling two weeks out for Waste Management to pick it up.

Simple enough concept, right?  We have been amazed by the interest by the investment community.  We are the finalist in a number of investment contests for the concept and very excited about the potential investment we will receive into the company.  Our initial raise was 1 Million, but I now believe we will try to secure 2 million in the initial raise as the interest level has been off the hook.  We thought we were on to something big but found out as we researched the market place that we have huge opportunity and little competition.

Rubicon Global Rubicon’s Website (shout out) does something kind of similar but their focal market is B2B, and did I mention they are killing it and also everyone I have ever talk to at the company was very nice and cool.  We have chose to not compete against Rubicon and instead focus on the under served consumer market, also to make it even more successful we will only be launching full programs in the Western US for 2016/17.  At a 5% penetration rate it’s a 40 million dollar market, now that ain’t JUNK 🙂 !

If you would like to learn more about JUNKGRAB – click the link at the top of this posting or contact Bob Bilbruck at bbilbruck@junkgrab.com to discuss in more detail.

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