Coming in hot from Death Valley: Highlights from NAB 2018

NAB – First Words….

Jeff Owens, Sr. Tech Reporter

We have boots on the ground at NAB and the crush of technology could leave your head spinning so much that you may not have even noticed the storm(y) is hitting the fan over on the beltway.  Lucky for us, in vegas, the technology is here to broadcast, in 8k…in real time… remotely, with transcription….in multiple languages… Head spinning stuff indeed.

You just may think that it is the technology behind the stories that have made our cycles seem like they fire in nanoseconds.


Prior to meeting with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, House Energy and Commerce Committee chair Greg Walden stated clearly: “Silicon Valley has never been regulated. I’m on the light touch regulation side, and let people compete.”

He spoke in general terms about regulation on Monday during the opening session at NAB Show in Las Vegas, where he participated in a conversation with National Association of Broadcasters president-CEO Gordon Smith, who raised questions about regulation in light of Facebook’s woes.

“To date there really has been no regulation on social media, but they compete with broadcasters for eyes, ears and advertising dollars,” Smith said. “We are in the same business in a sense, but we are highly regulated.”

In #Las Vegas, this very minute, the 2018 #National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show is concentrating its influence on more than 100,000 participants with its M.E.T. EFFECT.

This large conference, which continues through April 12, is a crossroads of media, entertainment, and technology.

Stay tuned, is here.

Jeff Owens, Sr. Tech Reporter

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