NAB Spotlight: Transcriptive by Digital Anarchy

Jeff Owens, Sr. Technology Reporter

Behind the scenes in broadcast media is where you find some of societies true creative misfits.  These misfits weave together light, sound and perspective in order to deliver content that captures imaginations around the world.  Based out of San Francisco, Digital Anarchy has been flying the flag of creative disruption for over 19 years.

Led by Jim Tierney since April of 2001, Digital Anarchy has made a name for itself in the post-production world of photo and video plugins, through development of the “go to” tools: Beauty Box and Flicker Free. As we all know, Anarchists aren’t happy unless they are wreaking havoc.  Lucky for us, the havoc Digital Anarchy is bringing makes post production more fluid and seamless.

With their sights set on bridging the last mile on A.I transcription, Digital Anarchy has build a hot new tool, Transcriptive. Transcriptive turns all your dialog into text.  It leverages the power of A.I to transcribe with extreme accuracy. It also analyzes existing transcripts, turning those into text with timecode.  This streamlines your workflow with searchable text that jumps to where it’s spoken with a click.

 Transcriptive enables effortless creation of subtitles and captioning without the need for expensive, time consuming traditional transcription services.

Read more from Jeff Owens, Sr. Technology Reporter at Far From TV who is on the floor at the NAB 2018 show in Las Vegas; here.

In #Las Vegas, this very minute, the 2018 #National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show is concentrating its influence on more than 100,000 participants with its M.E.T. EFFECT.

This large conference, which continues through April 12, is a crossroads of media, entertainment, and technology.

Jeff Owens, Sr. Technology Reporter

Check-in with Far From TV for more highlights and updates from the floor of NAB 2018.


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